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The Cli-Fi Report (CFR) is a research tool for academics and media professionals to use in gathering information and reporting on the rise of the emerging cli-fi term worldwide. This website was made possible due to the generosity and friendship of several friends from Taiwan, and they know who they are. For more information or contact details, email the CFR curator at:
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As the 20th century began to morph into the 21st century in the late 1990s, the global landscape of cultural production started to teem with a cornucopia of fictional ''cli-fi'' texts in print and on cinema and TV screens, engaging with the local and global impact of man-made global warming. In academia as well as in popular culture, this rapidly growing body of texts is now commonly referred to by the catchy linguistic portmanteau ''cli-fi.'' And already cli-fi has transitioned from a sub-cultural colloquialism circulating informally around the blogosphere into both a cultural buzzword and a staple academic term as well.

For an extensive bibliography, see "Cli-Fi in American Studies: A Research Bibliography'' by Susanne Leikam and Julia Leyda

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